Raffle Rules & Regulations – "Kollel Chassidus Raffle" 5780

1. The instructions of these regulations are final, and render void any other advertisement or publication.

2. Participation in the campaign constitutes full and unequivocal consent to the terms of the regulations.

3. The campaign will begin on the First of Kislev 5780, and will continue until Thursday, 21 Kislev 5780/Dec 19th 2019, ending at 11:59 PM EDT. Merkaz Chomesh retains the right to extend, shorten, change or cancel the duration of the Campaign at its discretion.

● Orders received after 11:59pm ETD on Thursday, 21 Kislev 5780/Dec 19th 2019, will be considered a donation.

4. The winner of the raffle will receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two people to Israel. Prize is as detailed below:

● The total prize value is up to $3,500 USD, and includes airfare plus accommodation.

● The winner will be given $2,500.00 towards airfares and $1,000 towards accommodation. Accommodation moneys can only be used for accommodation expenses incurred throughout the duration of the trip.

● The prize may be exchanged for airline tickets to any other destination. The prize includes up to $1100 per ticket.

● Should the winner choose, the prize may be claimed for $2,500 USD instead of the Israel trip.

5. Following the raffle, the name of the winner will be published and sent to all the raffle's participants by email.